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It seems, News 8 wants to do another story on Cascade's newest, multi-million dollar scam. The open house was stacked with supporters of this new plan.  Stay tuned. We're, keeping township officials accountable. 6/11/2017

Any persons that object to being referred to as "crooks" are welcome to discuss the matter by calling 616-706-3452. However, you must be willing to review my engineering data and be willing to give me more than Cascade's standard, 3 minutes to talk. Please keep in mind, Steve Peterson's power point data was dismissed as "laughable" by a circuit court judge.  You laughed when I told you social media would hold you accountable, who's laughing now? I understand Steve Peterson had to put his new office suite furniture on hold, too bad Steve, paybacks are hell.

It seems that the board and some of Cascades employees are not only crooks, but cowards as well. Please continue to hide behind your township sponsored lawyers and the rest of the "go along, to get along gang". I must add, John Shipley and Susan Slater, the two newest members of the township board are not, as of yet, included in the criticism on this site.  02/02/2017

Negligence vs Gross Negligence:
Gross negligence is a conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care or judgement, which is likely to cause foreseeable grave injury or harm to persons, property, or both. It is conduct that is extreme when compared with ordinary Negligence, which is a mere failure to exercise reasonable care or judgement. 
Which brings us to the real issue with Cascade Township's  crooked board, their "CIVIL REMEDY" option for justice and accountability. Masters of the scam!
 My father Raymond Carey, an engineer for Michigan Bell/Ameritech for almost 50 years, served on the Clinton Township Board for 3 consecutive terms almost 55 years ago. Whenever someone on his team made a mistake he took full ownership of it and solved the issue. Our township board failed that test miserably, their attemped fix was completely incompetent and grossly inadequate and now has potentially cost my neighbor $25,000.00 in repair cost to meet our engineering requirements.
You see, he was permitted to dispose 90% of his storm water directly into our backyards by Steve Peterson, Cascades planning director and William Cousins our former township manager.
It seems they wanted the property tax revenue from his $700,000.00 home, but they didn't want his storm water in the storm drains or the The Summits storm retention pond which would eventually find it's way into their storm drains at their troubled, Old 28th St/Cascade Road junction. There lies the rub, greed and power.
Peterson's limited data was laughed out of court and dismissed as incompetence, I only wish he could have ben there to see it.
The township's "CIVIL REMEDY" strategy is a slap in the face to all Cascade Townships residence, 99% of all civil cases will never reach their doorstep, I'm the other 1%.  Playing the odds does not always go in your favor. Estimated cost to all parties will soon reach $150,000.00, my cost, $-0- and it's not over! also they totally refuse to put it back on the aganda.
4 years of litigation,15,000 pages of documents, hundreds of photos and hours of high definition videos? Data is king in court and the data is clearly on my side.
If you object to being called crooks, then speak up when they restrict me to 3 minutes to talk during a board meeting. Don't just criticize me for spelling your name wrong.
Challenge the data if you dare! Keep in mind I have all the time in the world and no legal/engineering cost.   Free UAW Legal, Free Spicer Engineering (All totally independent and unbiased). But I guess you do too, compliments of the Cascade taxpayers.
I again ask you to read this link by Clifford Bloom, Cascades own, super drainage attorney.
Hire the best drainage attorney money can buy then, totally ignore their advice. Brilliant guys!

FORMER HOME OF CASCADETWP.NET AND .INFO  Sure we're keeping those names and their link to this site. The new name seems to more accurately describe our township officials than the old title. Time to go into much greater depth on our issue with Steve Peterson and William Cousins, along with the cover-up by Rob Beahan, Ben Swayze, Jim Koessel, Jack Lewis, Tom McDonald, Ken Peirce and former board member Fred Goldberg. I only hope the two newest members, John Shipley and Sue Slater are honest enough to address this issue, head-on. Stay tuned for the whole story, our court data speaks volumes.  Former clerk Ron Goodyke has been the only one to step forward with sincere apologies on many occasions, a real class act. "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive" (Sir Walter Scott).  01/23/2017


$1,200,000.00 for bus service to Cascade? Next time you see an empty bus rolling through our community don't shake your head in disgust, you paid for it. That's right, you paid dearly for it. Township officials knew it wasent needed but said " we really knew it wasn't necessary but, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time"

$1,200,000,00 over three years. Time after time, bad decisions from our board.

New calls for term limits? Feedback is pointing towards a revolution in our community!


$500,000.00 Pedestrian bridge to nowhere, stay tuned for details on the next, waste of taxpayer money......




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Donkeys in Elephant clothing? Matt Vande Bunte's Grand Rapids Press article 07/14/2016, showcased our Cascade Township supervisor, (Robert Beahan) and Cascade Townships Trustee, (Tom McDonald) and their deception posing as  Republicans and secretly voting Democratic in the March presidential primary.'s link below


The new Cascade Township office building is officially Cancelled.



New guidelines have been adopted by the Cascade Township Board, and according to Jim Koessel, this is exactly what the board wanted, public input? Really Jim, you guys tried to scam this by the voters of Cascade and now your tring to put a new spin on it like this?

From the very beginning of your, phony open house, you know the one where only a handful of people who just happened to notice it on the website by mistake showed up. You know the open house when you were all, high fives and thumbs up to the entire board, because you thought you all got away with it because practicly no one showed up to stop you.

Well the voters are well aware that, you're all full of shit!

Although Rob Beahan tried to keep me to a 3 minute public comment statement, I had another 10 minutes of material ready to dish-out to you idiotic misfits, it was very clear that they were going to ask the sheriff to remove me, so I discontinued my chastising prepared speech. What do these guys need security for anyway? More wasteful spending.

Now on to the next order of business,

awarding no-bid contracts

 It seems this is getting way out of hand, $10,000.00 for sinking one 3 inch well, without so much as one other bid? Our research indicates we could have had 3 wells installed for that price. Time after time our officials are handing out outrageous sums to their, proven providers? This practice has to end, awarding no bid contracts is discriminating in nature and extremely prone to abuse and fraud. Not to mention that it exposes us to litigation by excluded reputable contractors. Stay tuned, we have many more F.O.I.A. request pending on this very subject and many more to come.

That's, keeping our township's officials honest!

It's a full time job!








07/13/2016 7:00 PM



7/7/2016 Cascade voters win BIG tonight! Cascade Township calls off it's taxpayer funded, Taj Mahal and agrees to voter demands on further attempts to fool the public into thinking, they know best.

Theres nothing like getting your nose rubbed in it, to teach you a good lesson!

Rob Beahan, Jack Lewis, Jim Kessel, Tom McDonald, Fred Goldberg and Ben Swaze, please delete your accounts! Resign! you are out of date, with you guys at the helm, businesses in our village are sure to go out of business at a record pace, technology has left you all well behind the curve, and please take your engineering firm with you. 

Cascade businesses have enough to worry about with companies like Amazon prime eating everyones lunch, without you idiotic misfits sealing their doom with your outdated business models. You know what you can do with your new sign officer? I'll tell you, you can  follow your own sign ordinances requirements, the same ones you set for every business in the village to adhere to.


07/08/2016  8:00am

The calls are loud and clear, anyone involved in this deception of the voters trust, RESIGN NOW! before you make yourselfs the laughing stock of our community, it's not over until we say it's over. There are more questions now then before. $45,000.00 plus gone to your good buddies @ Fishbeck? Please, you buffoons must be joking! We deman a full independent accounting, a full return of all feasibility study funds and immediate sanctions against all oversite persons and firms, including cancellations of all future contracts and agreements.

You gambled and lost gentlemen! You can alway get jobs in the circus as CLOWNS!



We are still calling for an independent investigation into attempts to trick voters into this scam. F.O.I.A. request turned up no meeting notes leading up to this, grand deception, really? No meeting notes on voter approval? Township officials conspired at some point to keep this from the voters, it didn't just happen by itself! It seems we are not the fools they make us out to be, again, "any time you think your the smartest person in the room, your about to be taught a valuable lesson". Raymond P. Carey





TV 13 Newscast link - 11:00 pm 7/7/2016, link below

Prior TV 13 Newscast, link below


Also WOOD TV 8's Heather Walker for breaking the story on 5/16/2016, link below





 It seems  just gave them a reason for needing a bigger facility, Wednesday's meeting attendance (6/22/2016), filled their largest local meeting area, I understand the fire marshal had to turn away many local residences due to capacity constraints. What were we thinking? They outsmarted us again, Damn!

Jim Koessel fires back with an email stating, there is one guy out there in particular that seems to hate the board members, so he has taken up the crusade to provide a website with a great deal of misinformation. Let's get one thing stright Jim, there were hundreds of people at the last board meeting stating their dislike of our board members that took it upon themselfs to spend thousands of taxpayers dollars to persue this $7,500,000.00, "delusion of grandeur",  scam. First of all the dollar figure (spent to date) was stated by 4 residents during the meeting as being in excess of $400,000.00, before I stood up at the end to speak, at no time did any of the board members correct that dollar amount. If it was not correct it should have been immediately denounced by all the board members, it was not, even though many contested facts were rebuffed by the board members during the public comments portion of the meeting, again, before the persons were allowed to continue speaking. When I stated that dollar amount during their (board members) comments period, Mr. Beahan did not correct that figure, he did however continue to yell, "your out of order, your out of order" repeatedly. Keep in mind my F.O.I.A. request on that very subject were being delayed by Mr. Swaze so their attorneys could review the information. So Jim, even if it was "only $45,000.00" as you stated in your emails, the voters are being denied their right to vote on the subject, In fact several residents asked you all point blank, are you going to let the people of Cascade vote on this issue? Your responce was to sit there with your thumps up you a__, stupid look on your faces and a blank stare into the abyss. Time to face the facts here guys, you will not be allowed to proceed with an expenditure of this size without a township wide voter approval. Based on your projections for growth and Mr. Swaze statement to TV8, "based on my professional opinion, we need this building"? You must be joking.  Your limited knowledge on technology issues can't even handle crosswalk safety properly. An impending injury lawsuit is almost guaranteed with the near fatality we recently experienced. Read the following link on, non-stoplight controled crosswalks.  DELETE YOUR ACCOUNTS GENTLEMEN ! In other words for you non-techies, resign your positions, save yourselves the embarrassment of showing your projections and technology stupidity, you need a greater understanding of technology trends. You have been guided by firms that profit from steering us in the wrong direction. More effective use of space is the trend, not Bigger, Bigger, Bigger, as your advisors profess.

The people of Cascade should demand our engineering firm to pick up the tab on this engineering screw-up, reengineering cost, cost to replace and eventual lawsuit settlement cost. You need better technology advise. How can you idiots be happy with yourselfs? PLEASE! Who is your projections and technology adviser anyway, Jed Clampett?

Private business is learning to do more with less, as many of our astute residents pointed out in your embarrassing showing Wednesday evening, 6/22/2016.


Congrats to Rob Beahan on throwing Ben Swaze to the wolves on TV8's interview, we warned you Ben, now your Cascades new poster-child for, ludacris spending! Let me remind all of you, you work for us, start acting like it.




Calls for the resignation of the entire board (with the exception of Clem Bell, newest member) are ringing loud and clear after last nights meeting, combined with calls for a totally independent audit investagation of

UNAUTHORISED USE OF TOWNSHIP FUNDS, over $400,000.00 to date. Someone's in DEEP SHIT!

An estimated crowd between 350 and 400 concerned residents showed up to remove all doubt to our elected officials, they made serious errors in judgements spending over $400,000.00 of the taxpayers hard earned money. Resident after resident lambasted our, completely out of touch, board members into submission. The only  issue that remains, are charges of misappropriation of township funds in order? They knew that bringing this to the voters would be a total failure, now $400,000.00 is basicly gone, considering 2 prior scheduled votes on this same issue were of overwelming defeated years ago. Our estimation of this issue is, blantent theft and we will be pursuing advice by qualified persons on where we go from here. Our F.O.I.A. request will tell the whole story, replyes are being delayed because township manager Mr. Swaze, has insisted that their attorneys review all materials requested. We will not accept redacted material under any circumstances! Stay tuned for further details...


******CascadeTwp.Net******PUBLISHED DATE 06/23/2016******CASCADETWP.NET******

Meeting 06/22/2016  *******THE JIG IS UP ON OUR DISHONEST TOWNSHIP OFFICIALS*******  Meeting 06/22/2016

Residents are up in arms over the secretive nature of this new facility, we have poured over the townships website and were only able to identify the possibility of adding 3 new employees? Where is the need to add more space? Is their engineering firm demanding additional office space? They are a contract firm, they have their own facility. The possibility of three new employees? You must be joking. Lies about the high cost of repairing the current building, when you plan to repair it anyway for the firefighters. This is theft on a grand scale! Not to mention the money already spent on engineering, that's misappropriation of township funds, why would you do all the leg work before you have the go-ahead from the voters.

Two prior attempts to secure voter approval for a new facility were overwhelmingly turned down by the voters.


********A complete and independent audit and the return, to the tax payers of Cascade, all funds spend to date.********

We urge you to attend the next board meeting at the Cascade Library.


 Wednesday, June 22nd @ 7:00 pm and let your voice be heard.

In our community, when ever you think you're the smartest person in the room, your about to be taught a serious lesson.

We have just recently discovered, 6/13/2016-9:00am, that no new meetings are in the works to discuss approval of the their new " Taj Mahal". It's a done deal, no voting, no input from the public on their acceptance of the $8,000,000  theft of taxpayer funds. Input will be limited to 3 minute statements during regular board meetings, public comments only. It is our experience during these 3 minutes statements, no answers will be given, they all just sit there with a blank stare on their faces acting the role of complete imbeciles.

It's our decision, and it's been made. The public will only be allowed to review progress that will be, well under way at the time of the meetings. As of yet, our F.O.I.A. request have not been complied with and they refuse to take or return our repeated calls.

The Artful Dodgers, "picking the pockets clean" of Cascade voters, again.


In case you haven't noticed in the recent Cascade Township's newsletter, the Cascade Connections, the township supervisor, Rob Beahan, penned a front page letter on why they need this new township office facility and how much money they're saving the wonderful voters of Cascade. Again, in case you didn't notice, no time, place or location for the next informational meeting to take place was mentioned. It suggested, that you visit the townships website and find out that information for yourself. Same old dirty tricks, guys, if this information was important enough to rate front page news, and we all know it was, you think they would have had time to nail down a time, place and location. It's time the voter see this scam for what it really is, a deliberate attempt to hold down voter attendance so they can finish this "grand scam" of the tax payers of Cascade. Who are these additional staff members that Rob speaks of? Will Fishbeck be moving in? The only staff increases I see in the future would be for emergency personnel, but that is not what their asking for, the fire fighters will continue to use the current building for many years to come. I must add that the repair cost will still be incurred to upgrade the location.

If you ask me a better solution to the "lack of adequate space" is to request from the voters, an approval to construct a new fire fighting and emergency services facility and let the township officials continue to use the current facility, with the fire department moving out, the increased office space availability will be more that adequate for these uniquely entitled, idiotic, bumbling buffoons to continue their three ring circus.

Just think Rob, you and your brown nosing staff will be able to park indoors, where they currently park the fire fighting equipment. Heated garage to heated garage, you won't even get your pretty shoes salty in the winter. They currently already have showers, for when you work up a sweat pounding you fist on walls because of the lack of respect from the voters and your staff and one of the newly empty fire official's offices can be you new gym, maybe even a new spa with a massage room, perhaps a salon?


Our township officials operate under the mistaken belief, they can do whatever they please and be totally immune from legal actions. Not true! When you collect fee's to issue permits, you are responsible for damages incurred by affected parties.   WE HAVE GOVERNMENTAL IMMUNITY!

In my many phone conversations with William Cousins over erroneous drainage practices, that is the phrase he loved to yell just before he hung up on me. Please take the time to read the following article by, Cascade's own, super drainage attorney, Clifford bloom.

(Cascade Township philosophy, hire the best attorneys money can buy, then totally ignore their advice)


We at  Will be organizing a referendum signature drive soon, to get enough signatures to force a vote on this budget busting, new township office fiasco. We understand years ago they offered the idea to the Cascade voters and it failed miserably, this time they're trying to sneak it by the voters. We wonder how WOODTV, busted this scam wide open? We also understand their investigative team will soon be devoting much more coverage to this issue. What a tanled web we weave...  We also own, it's the @ Do I smell a story? F.O.I.A. request will soon tell the story!  It's not the conspiring that brings administrations down, it's the coverup gentlemen.  Caution, Proceed carefully.

Every employee will have there own new office, totally new office suite furnishings, new assistants will be hired, like we said before, a $1,000,000.00 annual budget is certainly possible.

This is a non-official, totally independent website 
and is no way affiliated with the 
Cascade Township's official website.

 New Township Offices $8,000,000.00? With expected cost overruns it could easily reach $9,000,000.00

What makes them think they could do this without a referendum?

 Because they know it would never pass.

Add increased utilities cost, anticipated staffing increases, added maintenance cost and you can piss away another $1,000,000.00 a year in annual cost. The fire department was just told that they are going to fix their current facility and let them have the whole building, that was the reason they claimed they needed a new office complex, the current office was too costly to repair. Lies on top of lies! Why not fix their current building and let things remain exactly the way they are now? Because the Kings of Cascade, or Cash-cade, think they are entitled!



Our new country club township office will be a tribute to, "KING BEAHAN", his court jester, BEN SWAZE and the bumbling buffoons "AKA" the Cascade Township Board.

The Wisner library has an overcapacity of , state of the art, unused meeting rooms.

Our assesment of this plan, olympic size Boondoggle! We need to force a referendum now, before it's too late! What a bunch of, good-for-nothing, bureaucratic numbnuts! We will be the laughing stock of Michigan with this financial burden for years to come!

Spend the extra funds on the village of Cascade, sewer and water access. Look at the progress in Ada right now, I recently toured their township facility, it is very modest and they currently have no plans to add additional capacity. What great public relations/leadership skills! We totally give Ada township credit where credit is due!


Bricks and Mortar vs Amazon Prime


In this challenging digital age of Amazon Prime, our township board delivers a swift, Kick-To-The Nuts, to any brick and mortar business considering opening a location in our exclusive community.

All one has to do is look at all the empty storefronts to see what our business community is up against.

Harassment on a daily basis!

Time to vote these guys some extra free time in the future! Time to flush this group of privileged elites.

Let the power of social media hold everyone to highed standards, this is just the the beginning gentlemen.

In the future, incompetence will not be rewarded or tolerated.

Failing to take responsibility for screw-ups,  Hiding behind our township funded laywers proves these jokers are total cowards.

Do not trust any of our appointed or elected officials. The only brave voice, sadly just retired.

A fond farewell to township clerk Ron Goodyke! He was the olny one who repeatedly apologized for what happened to our property, at the hands of our underhanded township officials. Best of luck to the new clerk, Clem Bell, he has some pretty big shoes to fill.


My father Ray Carey was an engineer for 45 years with Michigan Bell/Ameritech, he served 3 consecutive terms on the Clinton township board. The last thing he said to me before he died was, I never stole a nickel from anyone in my life or deliberately subjected any one hardship. He was the most honest man I ever met in my life, that included his terms on the Clinton Township Board in the late 40's early 50's. He would never have let a 40+ year resident of his township be subjected to the abuse that we are being forced to endure by are township's elected officials and their staff. Together, him and I could not believe the incompetence, the arrogance, the blantant stupity of the Cascade Township Board and planning department. Our engineering reports were proof positive that the township and our new neighbor knowing conspired to damage our property and they were totally negligent, furthermore when their attorney asked the judge to dismiss the suit during a requested dismissal hearing, they were laugh out of court as being totally wrong, naive and unprepared to go forward. Our 15,000 pages of documents, including discovery information, expert witness reports and testimony, totally overwhelmed all partied involved. "This should have been settled out of court" and " don't come back into my courtroom with anything less than Mr. Carey's preparation for trial". All they had was, Steve Peterson's erroneous, completely idiotic powerpoint presentation, in other words, the documented ramblings of a complete ass. Laughable, if it were not for the 4 years of anguish it caused for all parties concerned.

Rest of the story will soon follow, please read the following article by Clifford Bloom to get a better idea of drainage issues.

Their attorney's statements, "if we get it wrong, there's always a, civil remedy".

The calls are getting louder for Rob Beahan to step down, this carefully orchestrated SCAM, is a complete travesty.


The best laid scheme's of  mice and men


Robert Beahan, bids on the new township hall are currently being solicited, it's unstoppable. This has been in the planning stages for well over two years, we're not going to stop now. Slamming his fist on the brick wall, veins popping out on his forehead, while he orders everyone to get onboard or else. Planning for over two years? You mean, It's been kept under wraps, for over two years and only recently released in an oddly timed, early meeting. When that meeting was lightly attended, there were congratulations and high fives between all the board members, following this, taxpayer scam of the century deception. Well played Rob, we are still requesting info on a forced referendum, let the voters decide, you bunch of special interest, bumbling breaucrats!

Who ordered this project? How much is currently invested in this project at this stage. Looks like they will be getting additional, freedom of information request to review that information. What about feasibility studies, were they ever completed and made public? Our visits to their website indicate, they possibily will be hiring only three additional employees in the future. Will their engineering firm Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr, Huber, Inc. have offices in our new building? Is there competitive bidding on this project or will this just be handed to close business associates, friends? No objectivity, blank checks and bad businesses decisions are sure to run up the tab. Again, I think more F.O.I.A. request are necessary to insure that everything is done above board, if that is even possible at this point in the decision making process. We will also be requesting any and all notifications made to the Cascade taxpayers, it seems most of the people we're talking to, are just finding out about this totally unnecessary expenditure. It's not too late to stop this, "It seems we have awoken a sleeping giant!"

New orders to all departments, directly from Ben Swaze , review all information we send you, talk to no one, I repeat, speak to no one, do not ask any questions or reply with any comments, come to the meetings prepared to vote on the issues. It seems that details are leaking out on many of the issues they want to keep quiet. This is rumored to be, the new normal operating procedure for the DDA and planning departments.

Meet the most hated man at Cascade Township, planning director, Steve "Old Civil Remedy" Peterson. Totally incompetent, arrogant and condescending are all accurate terms use to describe this waste of humanity. His underhanded antics are totally supported by his fellow township superiors and the Cascade Township board memebers. Our 3 year legal battle with a resident in the township is full of lies and underhanded behavior by this incompetent employee of the township.  We understand when he didn't get the township managers job when it was vacated by William "we have governmental immunity" Cousins, he flew into a temper tantrum in full view of everyone in the office including visitors. This is very troubling because we hear from our sources, that the township paid for his college education, talk about pissing taxpayer money away!

Better luck next time Steve.



A simple term used to describe what you will go through should the township, screw-up your property. Make no mistake about it, this lawsuit option is so cost prohibitive, so time prohibitive, that unless you have unlimited resources, you will never prevail. The fact is, 99% of all civil cases settle out of court. Our township relies heavily on that fact, if they make a mistake, there is a 99% chance their role will never see the light of day! Now add the fact that, if their permit decision allowed a new neighbor of yours to focus all of his storm water from new driveways, sidewalks, roofs and gutters, on your property, you will have to sue him instead of the governing body that allowed him to create the water trespass on your property, as they did in our case, your neighbor will then have to file a lawsuit against his builder, which in turn, will have to file a lawsuit against the governing body that issued the permits. The only one of these, previously listed parties with umlimited resources is the township, because you as a township taxpayer, you will be picking up the legal bill.

Welcome to my world! If that isn't bad enough, now add engineering cost into the mix, because in a lawsuit, all that matters is expert witness testimony, your opinion means nothing! Lucky for me my legal fee's including my engineering cost are covered by my employer. This is something the township never anticipated, covered legal and engineering fees by a private resident.

Total civil litigation cost, well in excess of $100,000.00 to all parties combined, this total does not reflect the townships re-engineering and legal cost, which at this time is quite substantial. It gets even worse, if your neighbor is also a condominium association (COA) or a homeowners association (HOA) as with our case, you will need to file a lawsuit against them also because your new neighbor's home is surrounded by COA or HOA, common property. Devolopers love to form COA's and HOA's because their regulations are much more lenient than traditional home builders. After reviewing COA and HOA laws, I personally would never buy into an association of any kind, you are in effect, signing away almost all your rights to the devoloper and governing body.


Surronding neighbors are paying a heavy price with new construction projects in the township, all for the sake of increased tax revenue.


Steven "Civil Remedy" Peterson's role.

This is where the actions of one blithering idiot, can destroy the value of you property, two, if you add the actions of one inconsiderate, cheapskate, idiotic neighbor. Incidentally we have prevailed in court with our attempt to right, this wrong. The homeowner must retain all storm water on his property and pay damages, had he been instructed properly in the beginning, I think he would have made the right decision and hooked up to the already installed storm drain system that the rest of the Summits residents were required to hook up to. We know conclusively that Cascade township's super drainage attorney, Clifford Bloom's advice is perfectly clear on this matter. Please read the lower link. When he found out from me what the township had done, he was temporarily speechless, then he asured me that, I must be mistaken, after his input years earlyer on this same problem, Ken, it is not possible they would have made the same mistake again. Guess what Cliff, they deliberately did. He was so pissed off he could not speak. You see, it was Clifford, on behalf of the township, that filed a lawsuit against Eagle's Nest, now The Summit, for the very same issues.


By definition, Gross Negligence, is a conscious and voluntery disregard of the need to use reasonable care, which is likely to cause foreseeable grave injuryor harm to persons, property, or both.

Again, Clifford Bloom's wonderful article, link below.


I failed to add one element to this equation, my lovely wife and I are retired, we have all the time in the world to devote to our legal teams efforts and new social media project,, info. My wife and I have compiled well over 15,000 documents, 100's of photo's and hours of HD video's of the many rain events that predictably, destroyed our landscaping and pool area in excess of $10,000.00.

Documentation and experts wins cases! It was a big victory for us and a humiliating defeat for my new unremorseful neighbor and township, which he trusted blindly. My fathers advice from the very beginning, paid off, again, the smartest man I ever met.

Kent County drain commissioner Bill Byl, personally visited our home, because of the respect he has for my father as an engineer, to inspect this moronic decision made by William Cousins and Steve Peterson saying, "I very rarely witness this level of stupidy". And the township walks away without so much as a, slap on the wrist. $100,000.00 gone, because of total ignorance and greed.




NOW THEY WANT TO BE REWARDED WITH A NEW BUILDING? A total rip-off of the taxpayers, on a grand scale.


$8,000,000.00 new township office? Think again, you CLOWNS! The three ring circus you currently preside over is, way better than you deserve.


"A million here, a million there, and pretty soon, you're talking real money"

$8,000,000.00 For a new township office? They're going to repair the current township office anyway and let the firefighters continue to occupy the space, so the argument that the current location, is too costly to repair is a complete omission of the true facts, better yet, total lies.

Add another $1,000,000.00 per year in staffing increases, maintenance cost, utilities and you have major liability every year. As far as I'm concerned  these bumbling township stooges are already over-compensated at their current level, give the current township building to a truely deserving group, our township's firefighters and place a tempory trailer with a porta-potty out back, for our officials.




The township is so cash rich, our sources indicate, that they will soon be snapping-up local real estate at bargain prices. Spend it or give it back to the taxpayers, spending this pile of cash is highly likely. This could also be done to silence their harshest critics as political leverage. Freedom of information request will soon to be issued, stay tuned to this space for the results of our inquires.


One of the most dangerous roads to pedestrians in Cascade is Thornapple River Drive, between Leslie Tassell Park and it's intersection with Thornhills. A winding and twisting two lane street with very narrow shoulders. Pedestrians wishing to go to the 28th street and Thornhills area frequently choose the most direct route. The township is acutly aware of the dangers people face choosing this path, Robert Beahan commented to me once that his wife refuses to go on excerise walks with him on this streach of road because of the danger involved and now I never see him walking on this dangerous route.

Considering the township has $9,000,000.00 to piss away on a totally unneeded township office, how much is a life worth Rob? Or do you even care? We know you're aware of the danger, but I guess as long as it isn't you getting killed you can overlook an eventual fatality or two. A new township hall or the safety of your constituents, which is it Rob? During my many conversations with Rob on this issue, he seems to think a walkway would be too costly to build considering the engineering challenges. Again, I have to give Ada credit where credit is due, If any of you have ever walked the walking path along Bailey Dr. S.E. in Ada, it is a beautiful winding trail that totally presented a much more diffuicult engineering challenge to their far superior township guardians. Again, their not building themselves a new castle to show the world how wonderful they are, you are!

If you haven't made the Bailey walk, you're missing a very plesant and totally safe experience. So, I'll ask you again Rob, what is a life worth? The latest accident on that Thornapple River Dr. strech of road, 5/21/2016, a motorcycle racing on this dangerous strech, missed the first curve after you leave Leslie Tassell Park and went through Jeff and Lisa Dionne fence while he and his two boys were sitting on the other side enjoying a campfire next to the river . I'm not saying a walking path would have mada a difference, just saying that strech of road is loved by people who love to go fast around winding turns. 

We at, .info, are calling for a referendum, on this tollaly unneeded township hall. Let the residents of Cascade Township decide the merits of this project. Based on the quality of our township officials, the current facility has more than enough room. Incompetence should never be rewarded. Get out the vote!


Oversight committee desperately needed!


We will also be actively soliciting qualified volunteers, to join oversight committees to review township residents complaints.

Any residents that have had problems with our township, are encourage to get in contact with our staff. Lets put an end to the bumbling antics that happens with regularity in our township's, good old boy network.


Code of conduct and ethics guidelines are also sorely needed in our local township government.




The Times Herald's F rating for Michigan government. That includes local governments!

“Michigan does the least of any state to fight corruption, conflict of interest and cronyism in state government”


Click on the link below.

SiteMG.Com mission statement:  Hold government officals accountable! Let the powers of social media be a deterrent to all of those who abuse the public trust. We're watching you, and we will organize to bring back government accountability.

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